CoronaFACTS is an informational service provided by Trusted Medical in collaboration with National Coordination Center, a U.S.-based low-profit private sector health care improvement organization. The site, created by physicians and other clinicians, provides a trusted source of information on the global spread of coronavirus. In addition, our library provides content reviewed by clinicians who have practiced or are practicing at leading health care organizations.

CoronaFACTS provides:

News: Transmits global newsfeeds that can be sorted by country, so you can track news in one place


Case Maps: Displays interactive maps, including county-specific data for the U.S., with case details that are updated daily


Evidence-Based Content: Provides FAQs and other information curated by clinicians, with relevant citations of the source so you can trace the foundation of the answers


My Story: Upload videos to share your COVID-19 story, note of thanks, or words of encouragement to others around the globe (share on Facebook as well)


Library: Submit your own articles for inclusion on the site

We’re all in this together, and our goal is to provide information based on facts, not fear. Stay safe and be healthy!

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The Three C’s of COVID-19


Contain the virus by adhering to social distancing and other medical expert guidance.


Clean items that are at risk of containing the virus, including your hands.


Cultivate relationships and stimulate your mind in new ways. It is important that people remember that their physical health is linked to mental health. We should designate time every day to nurture our mental health.

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